Monday, July 21, 2008

Installing Team Foundation Server 2005

Finally, I managed to install Microsoft Team Foundation Server - A Single-Server Installation. And guess what? It was a hell of a nightmare! So, in this post, I am gonna summarize the steps necessary to achieve a successful Single-Server installation (deployment). First, have a hard copy of the latest TFS 2005 installation guide from here.
Second, stick to the steps in this installation guide and DO NOT deviate from the installation walk-thru in this guide; I repeat, stick to this guide, or you'll end up trouble-shooting a thousand problems.
Third, after installing SQL Server 2005 (according to the installtion steps in the guide), you need to configure the Reporting Services as mentioned in Robbe D. Morris's guide, available here. Fourth, DO NOT configure SharePoint Services 2.0 with SP2 After installing it; TFS will do this for you once you install it.
Fifth, you need to have the permission Log on locally for the other 2 domain accounts you will use when installing TFS (specifically, the TFS services account and the Reporting Services account) on the target installation server. To do this, open Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy. From the navigation tree on the left side pane, select Local Policies > User Rights Assignments and select Allow log on locally from the list on the right and assign the 2 accounts this permission.
Sixth, make sure to restart the target installation machine whenever you're asked to in the installation guide.
Finally, STICK TO THE STEPS listed in the installation guide available from here

Good luck!