Monday, August 14, 2006

I wanna become a BizTalk developer/specialist, HOW?

3 steps,

1 - You have to posses a set of skills/expertise including (basically)

- Working experience and familiarity with Web Services and their specifications WS-*
- Working experience and familiarity with XML and its related technologies (XML schemas [XSD], XSL,...)
- Working experience and familiarity with the UML (the Unified Modeling Language), such as work flow diagrams
- Experienced in the design and development of .NET class libraries\apps
- Familiarity with the networking terminology and concepts
- Good understanding of what SOA is (if possible)

2 - READ the Microsoft BizTalk Server white papers available at

3 - Walkthrough the BizTalk Server tutorials (really good) available at

4 - Try to join the BizTalk Server Team (EAI, BPA team) at the organization you're working for, and immerse your self in BizTalk through developing real world applications


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