Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well oraganized, clean, and neat orchestration

Your ocrhestration is getting fatty as mine ? then you should:

1- Think throughly before starting to author your orchestration; so you avoid making massive changes to it aferward. (Its difficult to make changes to a cluttered messy one). An organized orchestration will make it easier to modify or change.

2- Use Group shapes to visually organize the pieces of the orchestration into units (same as the notion of #region in C#). (you can collapse and expand Groups); so you keep an eye on the big picture of the orchestration.

3- If you're comfortable with MS Visio like me, download the Orchestration Designer for Business Analysts. You can use this ODBA to sketch your diagrams before doing them on VS .NET. (Later on you can import your sketches from ODBA into VS.NET)

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