Wednesday, May 03, 2006

BizTalk para @ Wikipedia by me

I wrote at wikipedia (

Why Microsoft BizTalk Server?

Microsoft BizTalk Server is a server software that aims to achieve the business objectives of

  • Seamlessly connecting desperate legacy systems with heterogenous back-end data stores

  • Cutting costs and saving time of corporate operations by automating complex business processes

  • Supporting the notion of "Don't reinvent the wheel" for software development, by providing a graphical user interface to create business processes (called Orchestrations in BizTalk) instead of writing code.

  • Promoting for the SOA paradigm, through the effective and efficient use of web services and WS-* specifications

  • Align the corporate IT with the business objectives of the organization, through a greater involvement of business people with IT operations. Achieved in BizTalk using BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), BAS (Business Activity Services), and HWS (Human Workflow Services)


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